We've never had two leaders going head to head for Prime Minister who are so boring, says Nigel Farage

So a big speech this morning from Rishi Sunak, a long speech from Rishi Sunak. I thought, you know what, I'm going to sit down. I'm going to watch all of this.

Whatever the content of the speech, and the riposte that we got from Keir Starmer, I have to say, in terms of delivery, after about 15 to 20 minutes, I was beginning to nod off.

There was no energy, there was no spark, there was no fizz.

Yet the arguments he was making were fundamentally important arguments.

Nigel Farage

He's saying the world is a less safe place than it's been at any moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and that he is the right man to lead the country.

Unsurprisingly, Sir Keir Starmer responded later on this afternoon.

He said: "The first duty of any government, particularly an incoming Labour government, is national security, the security of the country and that would be my first priority.

"Now the Prime Minister today has made a speech. I think it is seventh reset in 18 months. And I think that really shows you that the choice as we go into this election is now pretty clear."

Well, I don't know in terms of style, I can't imagine, perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps I'm being completely unfair.

I can't imagine we've ever had two leaders going head to head for who's going to be the next prime minister, who are, frankly, so boring.

I think we can predict a very, very low turnout.

But back to the important question.

Given the challenges we face both externally and internally, who is the right person to lead the country forward after the next election?

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