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Nigel Farage to confirm election plans TOMORROW as Sunak braces for hammer blow
‘Future of the country is in your hands’: Keir Starmer responds to general election announcement - WATCH IN FULL
Sunak is upbeat and thinks Britain WILL deport people to Rwanda through the summer despite all those who doubt him, analysis by Katherine Forster
UK sovereignty over Gibraltar 'won't change' says Cameron as he warns the EU that 'every inch of the Rock remains British'
Infected blood scandal: Rishi Sunak makes ‘whole-hearted and unequivocal apology’ to victims
Fleet of 'London's toxic air' vehicles arrives in Ukraine after Sadiq Khan's Ulez scrappage scheme update
'We have no choice but to leave ECHR - judgements on illegal migrants are an abuse of our democractic system,' writes Jack Brereton
‘Britain should not leave the ECHR – it protects people not Governments,’ writes Bill Rammell
Sadiq Khan admits he's a huge 'Taylor Swift fan' in bizarre tweet
‘End of state pension as we know it!’ Hunt slammed over ‘unfunded’ National Insurance proposal
Universal Credit claims soar but Sunak’s DWP benefits ‘crackdown’ could raise £69m for economy
Boss of Liz Truss's PopCon group backs Rishi Sunak to lead Tories into general election
‘Flip flop’ Starmer is a danger to Britain, declares Tory MP
‘Has the British public lost faith in politics…?’ asks Lord Kulveer Ranger
Our only chance of climbing this electoral mountain is to open Tory Party to Nigel Farage, claims Jacob Rees-Mogg
Rishi Sunak fears new defection to Labour in just HOURS after being caught off-guard last week
We've never had two leaders going head to head for Prime Minister who are so boring, says Nigel Farage
‘Starmer will bring in mansion tax by granting huge council tax increases for nice areas and nice homes,’ writes Kelvin MacKenzie
‘Labour’s state pension promise is bad for the country - a U-turn is needed’, writes Patrick O’Donnell
Pension warning as 10 million older households to lose payments thanks to Rishi Sunak's 'economic failure'
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