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WATCH: Sir Keir Starmer rejects Christopher Hope's bet of illegal migration: 'Not a good idea!'
Tory donors go on strike... Perhaps Sunak should dip into his own pockets?
Farage says West 'provoked' Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Joe Biden blasted over ‘naked play for voters’ with latest border move: ‘Done absolutely nothing!’
Former Tory minister says he'll vote Labour in fresh blow to Sunak
‘We must debate big-picture items that still dominate our lives,’ writes John Redwood
Donald Trump issues scathing attack against Kamala Harris in slick new campaign ad
Billionaire donor abandons Sunak as he announces switch to Labour - Tories in 'despair'
Billionaire donor endorses Labour for first time in 'despair' at Tories
'We need to have an adult conversation about migration'
Nigel Farage wants to destroy the Conservatives - and his election ‘contract’ is the start – analysis by Christopher Hope
Nigel Farage: Extremely unlikely that I will join the Conservatives
Do the figures in Reform UK's 'manifesto' add up?
POLL OF THE DAY: Are Reform UK the new opposition in Britain? - VOTE NOW
Two-child cap to hit extra 670,000 children in next five years, thinktank warns
Reform candidate resigns over 'unacceptable historic social media comments'
Nigel Farage to launch 'contract with the people' in Wales following poll boosts
How much would a Labour government change football?
Starmer may echo Blair by getting Labour across the finish line but a heavy burden awaits him there | Adam Boulton
Tories heading for 'warfare', Farage predicts, as ex-Cabinet minister pleads with voters to 'unite the right'
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