‘Starmer will bring in mansion tax by granting huge council tax increases for nice areas and nice homes,’ writes Kelvin MacKenzie

Thanks to The Telegraph, I learned that Labour’s Welsh Government is using satellites to spy on the homes of their residents who have made something of their lives. They are tracking nice homes in decent areas so that they can penalise them with dramatically higher council tax.

If you have a semi or a detached house with a large garden, or live near a good school, or the area is comparatively crime-free then the Senedd will introduce higher council tax bands so your local authority can add many thousands of pounds to what you pay annually.

You might think, ‘well that’s the price for living in a nation which is skint and has only ever produced socialists (and the NHS!) and it serves them right’. You would be so wrong.

Starmer has said he will not be putting up income tax (the consummate liar Gordon Brown made the same promise) but that doesn’t mean your pocket will not be emptied by Labour in order to subsidise those who prefer to sit on their increasingly large rear ends while you do the work.

So, you can be absolutely sure that Starmer will be adopting the Welsh idea. Already the average council tax bill is £2,065, but the H band in areas like Nottingham are an eye-watering £4,823, Lewes is £4,776 and Dorset £4,776.

That’s already £100 a week. What do we get for that? Our bins taken, potholes aren’t repaired and police who are never seen and never catch a burglar. And the idea is that a Labour Government wants even more.

\u200bRachel Reeves and Sir Keir Starmer

What is equally ridiculous is the way that councils keep the rents of their tenants artificially low. In places like Westminster where you can expect to pay £2,000+ a month for a flat, the council charges £600-700 in rent. And the council tax for affordable homes in Westminster can be as low as £700 annually.

Wouldn’t we all like to live in Westminster at those prices. Plus, with a bit of trickery and limp, you can claim housing benefits and PIP and effectively live for nothing.

Why don’t we start charging those living in council-owned accommodation what they can afford? It’s like that in the private area. With minimum wage being £11.44 an hour, those doing a 40-hour week are making north of £23,000.

Don’t tell me that with a couple both in work making between them £46,000, they couldn’t, and should, be paying more than £700 a month. Means testing must be bought in.


Council tax bill in pictures

I absolutely guarantee that Starmer and Reeves will raise taxes all over the place with their version of a mansion tax - a dramatic increase in council tax being the first.

Getting to work to pay these new and unexpected bills won’t be getting any easier under Labour either, with the return to total state ownership of the railways.

Once again commuting became a game of chance last week with Aslef striking and yet most of the nightmare was caused by companies which have already been taken back into state ownership.

Northern, Southeastern, Welsh Railways, the Transpennines and Northern are all fully owned by the Government.

With Labour in charge, the unions know that they have a sporting chance of keeping all the terms and conditions (i.e. doing as little as possible) plus the opportunity of the management caving in to unreasonable pay demands because the management is in fact the Government.

Bins piled up in Birmingham

Today most of trade unionism is concentrated in the public sector, with 48 per cent of state employees belonging to a union compared with 12 per cent of private sector workers.

So, it will fare easier to give in to the strikers, get the network running again and worry about where the money is coming from on another day.

If the polls are right, a 200+majority for Starmer will mean the number of Lefty MPs coming in will treble, meaning there will be a lot more support for the doctors wanting to kill your old mum for a pay rise or more for the Aslef drivers who have been buggering up your travel for the last couple of years.

Incredible that none of this is ever brought to public discussion by the lefties at the BBC or even ITV. It has to be raised by either GB News or The Telegraph and Labour would love to shut it down.

So, personally, I am grateful to a) The shareholders who made this discussion possible and b) To you who support with both your brain and your wallet. Thank you.

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