'I hadn't even resigned from my day job!' Reform MP reveals his SHOCK when elected as he vows to be a nuisance

Reform UK’s fifth MP James McMurdock has revealed that he did not expect to secure his seat in South Basildon and East Thurrock after being elected last week.

The Essex banker defined himself as an "on paper" candidate and "hadn't even quit his job" when he became an MP.

McMurdock won with a majority of just 98 votes after a nail-biting recount held on Friday afternoon.

Speaking on GB News host Martin Daubney said: "You scraped in by 98 votes, it probably came as a huge surprise to you. You were a paper candidate. So you didn't particularly campaign or you were surprised. In fact, I heard you hadn't even resigned from your job. Have you done so yet?"

James McMurdock

McMurdock responded: "I have now yes." Speaking about how it felt to be elected he added: "From all the way from rock bottom, all the way to the absolute ceiling. The emotions have been phenomenal and fantastic.

"I mean, there are some analogies that I would really love to use, but I don't know if they're too whimsical given how serious the work we do is.


"It has been extraordinary and I really, really feel quite empowered to get on with it. There's some really good people in my constituency that are desperate for this, so it's fantastic."

When asked about his plans he said: "To be a blooming big pest, if that's all we can be, but hopefully a lot more."

Fellow Reform MP Lee Anderson added: "It's not just five people though, there are over 4.1 million people in the country that's right behind us.

"That's about 800,000 people per MP. There are millions more that could have voted for us, that probably will vote for us in the next election. We are the voice of the silent majority in this country.

Nigel Farage

"Make no mistake about it. The People's Army is on the march and we're at the front line and we're going to fight for everything they stand for."

After overturning a 24,702 Tory majority to win by 8,405, Leader of Reform UK Nigel Farage said: "There is a massive gap on the centre-right of British politics and my job is to fill it."

Taking aim at Labour, the Reform UK leader warned: "What is interesting is, there's no enthusiasm for Labour, there's no enthusiasm for Starmer whatsoever.


"In fact, about half of the vote is simply an anti-Conservative vote. We're coming for Labour, be in no doubt about that."

His - and McMurdock's - victories in Essex contribute to a night of humiliation for the Conservatives in an area considered Tory heartland since the days of Margaret Thatcher.

Speaking after winning in Clacton-on-Sea, Farage said he plans to "build a mass national movement over the next few years", and "hopefully it'll be big enough to challenge the general election properly" in 2029.

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