Britain's Muslims are mobilising: Mass religious-based voting is now a reality in the UK, warns Kelvin MacKenzie

What I found concerning about the General Election result was not that the country had turned against the Tories (who could blame them?) but how one religious group, Muslims, are now acting as a single political party.

That hasn’t happened before in our history. They don’t wear rosettes and I’ve never had a pamphlet from them through my door, but almost to a man and woman they voted collectively, based on the politics of a war more than 2,000 miles away.

In this election they had had no manifesto beyond Gaza. How many of their preferred candidates were critical of the terror group Hamas whose October 7 slaughter started the war?


Instead, they owed their allegiance purely to religious and ethnic interests. And they had some spectacular gains.

Jeremy Corbyn took Islington North where 13% of the residents are Muslims. He focused much of his campaign on his support for Gaza. Clearly, he took many former Labour supporters with him, but it was his view on ‘’genocide’’ which won him the day.

The result that caught my eye was Iqbal Mohamed winning in Dewsbury and Batley. Standing an ‘’independent’’ he defeated Rachel Reeves adviser, Heather Iqbal, by an incredible 6,934 majority.

The reason I say incredible is that while he stood as an independent his “party” were, effectively, Muslims.

I am sure you will remember the scenes outside Batley Grammar school when the religious studies teacher showed a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed to his class and concerned parents protested outside the school.

Instead of the local Labour MP taking on the protesters she went silent on the issue. Nobody in authority has ever spoken up since for that teacher and his family.

Today he has changed his name, moved from the area with his wife and four children. All for showing a cartoon. How shocking is that in “free speech” Britain?

Protesters gathered outside Batley Grammar School

Having successfully got the teacher pushed out the Muslim community in Batley was emboldened and voted in one of their own as an MP last Thursday.

The trend behind this is fascinating and concerning (especially for Labour) in equal measure.

The Telegraph reported that in constituencies where in the 2021 census at least 40% were Muslim, the Labour vote share dropped by 33.9%. These areas were typically in Bradford, Birmingham and London.

Where Muslims were between 10-20% of the population Labour’s voting share fell by 6.8% and yet where Muslims accounted for less than 10% of the population Labour gained by 3.3%.

The Muslim Vote

The Muslim Vote - an umbrella organisation of Islamic groups across the UK - has a website which, with a postcode lookup, tells Muslims exactly who they should vote for.

It demands "no more political apathy" and describes itself as a powerful, united force of 4 million "acting in unison."

It tweeted after the election that Labour would suffer even greater losses at its hands in 2029.

Posting on on X, it said: "In Muslim-heavy seats, the seeds of our community have been sown."

So, it is clear that sectarianism will dominate the future.

That is why it’s very much in the interests of the nation that we get immigration under control: Our GPs can’t cope. Our roads can’t cope. Our schools can’t cope. Our country can’t cope.

And now even our politics are beginning to show the strain of mass migration at this scale. Reform UK is unique in reflecting the legitimate concerns of many in this country about mass immigration.

In a clever move they will putting up a number of candidates for the Welsh elections to the Senedd in 2026. They have proportional representation (PR) in those elections so I expect Farage to do spectacularly well.

I expect Reform to adopt PR in their manifesto. As you know Lib Dems have been a lone voice seeking PR over the decades.

With both demanding it and the Tories now struggling under first-past-the-post, that would leave Labour as an outlier – I can see real change coming in our voting system.

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