Politics debate: Nigel Farage BLASTS Tory army recruitment as 'CATASTROPHIC' - 'We need 30,000 more people'

Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has fumed at the Prime Minister for the "utter disgrace" of his earl D-Day departure.

He also criticised the Tory party for their defence approach he claimed that the army has shrunk and recruitment is "catastrophic".

Farage said instead of the Tories' national service policy the UK need to recruit 30,000 into the army full-time.

He also blasted the Prime Minister for leaving D-Day early, slamming it as an "utter disgrace."

The Reform UK leader said: "Rather than having a weird concept of national service where 30,000 youngsters would do a year, we need to recruit 30,000 people into the army full time.

"Respect our veterans, including those with the average age of 100 who felt deserted by the Prime Minister in Normandy yesterday, which I think was a complete and utter disgrace and shows us we actually have a very unpatriotic Prime Minister. It was dreadful."


from GB News https://ift.tt/l8wR1pJ

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