Nigel Farage can help 'inspire politicians' to speak out on 'troubling' attacks: 'He's set the tone!'

Nigel Farage could now be an "inspiration" to other politicians to "speak out" on violent attacks aimed at public figures, it has been claimed.

This comes as the Reform UK leader was targeted by a protester with suspected building rubble during his campaign trail in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Police arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of public order offences following the incident.

Taking to social media, Farage hit out at the "violent youngsters" attempting to bring down his campaign.

Nigel Farage and protesters

He told supporters: "What we've now got is a mob that want to close down all debate. A mob that are prepared to use violence to achieve their goals and that for a democratic country is very, very worrying indeed.

"I'm used to it. I don't like it, of course not. This is stopping me doing what I want to do. It didn’t hit me this time, but you do wonder to what length these people will go."

Discussing the incident on GB News, Journalist Ella Whelan condemned the actions of "attention seeking morons" and Farage has "set the tone" in his reaction to this attack and the milkshake attack in Clacton.

In discussion with host Michelle Dewberry, Whelan explained: "What happened with Nigel Farage seems to be attention seeking morons, but there's actually a peaceful protest against him going on in the background.

Nigel Farage and attacker

"He says I'm used to it, it's absolutely fine, but I think actually Farage has set the tone for us not letting this turn into a moral panic."


Whelan argued: "Whether you agree with him or not, politically, you really have to give it to him that he is committed to being a politician. He gets out there, isn't afraid. He doesn't let any of the attacks stop him."

When discussing what the possible solution to the growing attacks against politicians should be, Whelan suggested Farage could "inspire other politicians" to take a stand against politically motivated attacks.

Whelan told the panel: "I actually think Farage should inspire other politicians to be more brave about getting out there - let's not fear attacks."

Offering his view on the incident, Professor James Orr highlighted the "pattern" of targeted attacks on politicians and said the violent nature of them is "troubling".

Ella Whelan

Orr told the panel: "It's very troubling. Last week it was a milkshake, this week, a piece of rubble. What's it going to be next week?

"We had an MP murdered in cold blood in his constituency surgery, Sir David Amess. Mike Freer has now stepped down because of Islamists and and Islamo-leftists threatening to burn his constituency surgery down. It's a real pattern.

"And the response has never been adequate enough to send the kind of strong signal that would prevent these things from happening again, that would at least sort of deter people from acting like this."

from GB News

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