Joe Biden takes veiled swipe at Donald Trump during D-Day speech - 'The dark forces never go away'

Joe Biden appears to have criticised Donald Trump in a speech to D-Day veterans in Normandy.

During the speech at the Normandy American Cemetery on the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the US President made coded criticisms of his political rival and others who have called for US support for Ukraine to be reduced.

He said: "That isolation was not the answer 80 years ago, and is not the answer today" as he drew comparisons between the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Nazi occupation of France in the 1940s.

"The men who fought here became heroes, not because they were the strongest, toughest or fiercest, although they were, but because they were given an audacious mission," he said.

Joe Biden

"They knew that things are worth fighting and dying for…here we proved the forces of liberty are stronger than the forces of conquest."

He added: "We know the dark forces that these heroes fought against 80 years ago – they never go away."

His comments are likely to anger Biden's critics in the same way Emmanuel Macron was criticised for his apparent politicisation of his commemoration speech ahead of Sunday’s European elections.

Biden and Trump have both continued to position themselves as the bigger supporter of veterans as the presidential election approaches.


During his D-Day speech, Biden added: "Ukrainians are fighting with extraordinary courage, suffering great losses, but never backing down.

"They have inflicted on the Russian aggression tremendous losses. We will not walk away. Because if we do, Ukraine will be subjugated."

Trump previously said that he would end the war in Ukraine "in one day".

The ceremony was Biden's first official event of the D-Day 80 anniversary.

Donald Trump

Speaking to the crowd, he added: "Winston Churchill would call what happened here ‘the greatest, most complicated operation ever’.

"It was estimated that 80 per cent of them would be killed within hours…but they were brave.

"It’s the highest honour to be able to salute you, here in Normandy, once more. All of you. God love you."

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