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WATCH: Sir Keir Starmer rejects Christopher Hope's bet of illegal migration: 'Not a good idea!'
Tory donors go on strike... Perhaps Sunak should dip into his own pockets?
Farage says West 'provoked' Russia's invasion of Ukraine
Joe Biden blasted over ‘naked play for voters’ with latest border move: ‘Done absolutely nothing!’
Former Tory minister says he'll vote Labour in fresh blow to Sunak
‘We must debate big-picture items that still dominate our lives,’ writes John Redwood
Donald Trump issues scathing attack against Kamala Harris in slick new campaign ad
Billionaire donor abandons Sunak as he announces switch to Labour - Tories in 'despair'
Billionaire donor endorses Labour for first time in 'despair' at Tories
'We need to have an adult conversation about migration'
Nigel Farage wants to destroy the Conservatives - and his election ‘contract’ is the start – analysis by Christopher Hope
Nigel Farage: Extremely unlikely that I will join the Conservatives
Do the figures in Reform UK's 'manifesto' add up?
POLL OF THE DAY: Are Reform UK the new opposition in Britain? - VOTE NOW
Two-child cap to hit extra 670,000 children in next five years, thinktank warns
Reform candidate resigns over 'unacceptable historic social media comments'
Nigel Farage to launch 'contract with the people' in Wales following poll boosts
How much would a Labour government change football?
Starmer may echo Blair by getting Labour across the finish line but a heavy burden awaits him there | Adam Boulton
Tories heading for 'warfare', Farage predicts, as ex-Cabinet minister pleads with voters to 'unite the right'
Fresh poll predicts Tories will win just 72 seats in next parliament
Tory donations top £570,000 in first week of election campaign - down from £5.7m in 2019
Parliamentary watchdog 'satisfied' Douglas Ross didn't break expenses rules
Majority of Sky News Voters Panel still undecided despite manifesto launches
Joe Biden ‘spitting in the face of the black community’ with latest bizarre moment, says Brandon Tatum
'Suspicious package' found at Tory MP's office as bomb disposal units rush to scene
Sunak 'disappointed' after 'huge error of judgement' by aide who bet on election
Donald Trump and Joe Biden have 'very troubled history' with healthcare policy, Cannon claims
Starmer reveals 'worry' for family if he enters No 10 as Sunak faces tough questions on 'broken promises'
Police 'aware' as name of YouTuber to stand in 11 constituencies in election
Donald Trump and Joe Biden ‘both deeply problematic’ on key issue
Nigel Farage can help 'inspire politicians' to speak out on 'troubling' attacks: 'He's set the tone!'
Can the Conservative Party manifesto revive Sunak's campaign?
Manifesto checker: What are the Lib Dems' key pledges?
Emmanuel Macron calls shock snap national election after being hit by disaster in European Parliament vote
Putin's next target REVEALED by ex-CIA chief - 'He wouldn't be satisfied to stop with Ukraine'
Sunak ally Stride does his boss no favours in response to question about PM's future
'Auramancer Sunak' and Starmer's punches: How the young are engaging with election
Labour promises thousands of new prison spaces to ease overcrowding crisis
Tory election candidate apologises for joking about date rape drug in 2012
Politics debate: Nigel Farage BLASTS Tory army recruitment as 'CATASTROPHIC' - 'We need 30,000 more people'
One of UK's biggest unions fails to endorse Labour manifesto
'Sunak's problem is that Keir Starmer doesn't frighten voters like Corbyn did' claims Neil Parish
Joe Biden takes veiled swipe at Donald Trump during D-Day speech - 'The dark forces never go away'
‘Gething has only been Welsh First Minister for 78 days…Will he still be 78 days from now?’ - analysis by Katherine Forster
AI chatbot used by millions stops answering election questions after giving wrong answers
‘I don’t know where you’re getting this from!’ Tom Harwood in furious clash with Emily Thornberry over Labour plans
Labour attracts largest following across social media platforms
TV legend Alastair Stewart claims debate 'could be a turning point for the Conservative Party'
Mark Drakeford 'loses it' as he attacks cabinet minister over shelving policy to change number of school holidays
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