Holly Valance: I’m voting Reform UK at the general election and I want Nigel Farage to lead the party

Holly Valance, the former Neighbours actress and popstar, has revealed that she will vote for Reform UK at the next general election and called for Nigel Farage to lead the party.

Valance, a model who acted in smash Hollywood films, also forecast that Reform UK could replace the Conservatives as the main party in opposition to Labour.

Valance emerged as a surprise supporter of right-of-centre policies when she accompanied her property tycoon husband Nick Candy to a Popular Conservativism event last month.

Speaking to Chopper's Political Podcast, Valance disclosed that she would vote Reform UK at the general election.

Asked by GB News Political Editor Christopher Hope, aka Chopper, if she were a backer of the Tories or Reform, she said: "Last time I voted Conservatives. Next time I'll be voting Reform."

Valance backed the decision by former Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson to defect to the party.

Holly Valance

"Lee's moved from Labour to the Conservatives and now to Reform. It's really weird because there was this Reform party in Canada in 1993 that ditched the Tories in Canada as well, or got rid of the blew them to smithereens, which is probably what's going to happen here.

"It's not that I think that we're necessarily going to have a Reform government.

"I support anybody that sticks to what they believe in and doesn't isn't a turncoat, doesn't do a million flip flops and U-turns."

Christopher Hope with Holly Valance

Longer term Valance wanted Nigel Farage, the former Brexit Party leader, to take over as leader of Reform UK. "I just want Nigel to pull his finger out and head Reform," she said.

Valance said she backed former Cabinet minister Jacob Rees-Mogg to be PM because "he sticks to the things that he believes and he doesn't waver".

"I think he's got an incredible understanding of law and how things work and history. And I think that's so valuable."

Valance said that her multi-millionaire husband Nick Candy was not planning to vote Labour as had previously been reported after his remarks to a podcast.

"It was just a miscommunication with the way he structured the sentence in that he said, 'Labour is going to get in and it's time for a change. It wasn't Labour is getting in and I'm voting for them'." She added: "I would assume yes. I think he's a Tory."

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