Martin Daubney recalls being threatened with knives amid calls for MP security: 'I thought I could die'

GB News presenter and former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney has recalled a horrific knife attack he experienced whilst working as a politician in 2019.

This follows the announcement from Justice Minister Mike Freer that he is being forced to step down as Finchley & Golders Green's MP after years of abuse and threats to his life.

Speaking to GB News, Freer revealed he has been victim of abuse and targeted attacks for years, with an arson attack at his office on Christmas Eve being the "last straw".

Following his announcement that he is to step down as MP, Freer said “serious threats” weighed heavily on him and his husband Angelo Crolla. Freer also claimed many politicians have resorted to wearing "stab vests" to protect themselves from any potential attackers.

Martin Daubney

Speaking to GB News' Political Editor Christopher Hope, Freer said: “There comes a point when the level of threats becomes beyond the pale. Most MPs have to cope with a level of routine abuse, routine graffiti, that kind of low level stuff.

“Maybe we shouldn't have to deal with it, but it is kind of bread and butter now the way we handle our jobs as MPs."

Some MPs have tragically lost their lives within their work. Labour's Jo Cox was tragically killed in 2016, and Tory MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death at a constituency surgery meeting by an Islamic extremist in 2021.

Discussing the increasing concern of politician security, GB News host Martin Daubney shared his personal experience of a life-threatening situation whilst canvassing for the Brexit Party in 2019.

Mike Freer


Martin told GB News Political Correspondent Katherine Forster: "I was on the receiving end of a death threat when I was a candidate in Ashfield in the general election in 2019. A bunch of lads came out with knives.

"It was almost funny afterwards, because I'd been knocking on these doors for weeks trying to canvas. Turns out I didn't know it was a crack den, and they thought I was an undercover copper."

Martin continued: "They came down the street at me with knives, they pulled them out and I just thought, 'I could die here'.

"I stood my ground and looked them down and I just held my arm out and went 'Martin Daubney, Brexit Party, did you vote to leave the European Union?', and the situation dissolved."

Martin Daubney and Katherine Forster

Reflecting on Mike Freer's resignation and the growing concern for safety in politics, Martin stated that it could possibly "drive people out of the game" if nothing is done to increase security.

Martin told his GB News viewers: "Another thing I'm worried about is how people vote. It's a matter of public record, how you vote. Are people going to be scouring how anybody votes as far as Israel, Palestine, foreign affairs?

"Will that in itself make make democracy be stifled by the fear of the consequences of putting your opinions public?

"We're getting to a point where it's dangerous to have opinions. Isn't it the job of politicians to have opinions to get things done?"

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