'Where do we put them!?' Immigration is raging out of control and changing Britain forever - Richard Tice issues stark warning

Richard Tice has issued a dire warning about the future of Britain if immigration continues to rage out of control.

Speaking to GB News Community Editor Michael Heaver in Westminster, the Reform UK leader reflected on the Brexit Party standing down at the last General Election: "Back in '19, we did the right thing for the country.

"We stepped aside in all of the Conservative-held seats and we ensured that Brexit limped over the line."

But Richard went on: "Since then, they've done two things. They've completely failed to take advantage of huge Brexit opportunities.

"They haven't cut taxes, they haven't cut daft EU regulations and they have been like a nanny state. So we've got basically now zero growth, that's been confirmed in the last week by the OBR forecast. So that's the first thing.

"Then the second thing is they have deliberately gone against their solemn pledge to reduce immigration numbers. That's the number one concern of Conservative 2019 voters.

"Last year the numbers were not 606,000 net, but were actually 20% higher, 745,000. That's the net number.

"The gross number arriving was actually essentially equivalent to a city the size of Birmingham, some one and a quarter million people. That was last year, this year exactly the same.

"Again, even though we've been told last it was exceptional. 'Don't worry, we'll get it back on under control'. Nonsense.

"Then my expectation is that 2024, the net numbers will be the same again because it's too difficult and too humiliating for the government and the civil servants to to change the criteria.

"So this is really serious. You just have to think about where do you put three cities the size of Birmingham in the United Kingdom in three years?"

from GB News https://ift.tt/Fjxy6Dp

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