UFO watchers claim to have spotted mysterious floating orb above Joe Biden's Air Force 1

Airplane enthusiasts claim to have seen a UFO hovering above Joe Biden's Air Force 1 as the President traveled to Tinseltown for a campaign fundraiser.

Footage shows a floating object above the plane in Los Angeles during Biden's December 10.

Multiple witnesses spotted the white or silver object over LAX airport.

People have disputed what the object appears to be with some claiming it was a balloon while others suggest it could have been a UFO.

Social media users discussed the object online as some argued it resemblance to "metallic orb" UFOs.

Airplane enthusiasts Joshua and Peter Solorzano were filming at LAX airport on Sunday December 10, hoping to catch Air Force 1.

The duo caught a glimpse of two F-35 fighter jets in the sky enforcing a Temporary Flight Restriction for the Commander-in-Chief.

While livestreaming the event on YouTube, a white object appears on the screen at 10.18am.

Three minutes later, the object appeared again in the top right of the camera view.

It appears for a third time at 11.08am directly over cameraman Joshua Solorzano.

During the live stream, Joshua can be heard saying: "It’s directly above us. It is moving, it’s not a star. I’m telling you they’re flying in from the ocean. Very strange right now."

Another witness, screenwriter Chris Cullari, saw what appeared to be the same object at around 12.30pm that day, while he was walking through Culver City to catch a train.

Joe Biden

"I didn’t see it move. I watched it for about 15 minutes to see if it zipped off or anything and it just floated," he told the Daily Mail.

"It just looked like a distant white orb. The fact that it was stationary drew my attention.

"And the fact that there was an LAPD helicopter circling drew my attention. But from where I was, I couldn't tell if the chopper was circling because of the object or something on the ground."

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