'Self-centred and uncaring' Sadiq Khan slammed for 'taking cash from the poorest' with 'unfair' Ulez

Sadiq Khan has been accused of "taking cash from the poorest" with his expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Conservative Mayoral Candidate Susan Hall accused Khan of being "self-centred" and "uncaring", claiming he is "more concerned with taking cash from the poorest than with saving Ukrainian lives".

In an opinion piece for GB News, she said: "Sadiq Khan's refusal to send scrapped ULEZ vehicles to Ukraine is a glaring example of just how out of touch he is with London’s values. It's a decision that screams of a Mayor more concerned taking cash from the poorest than with saving Ukrainian lives. And once again, it shows just how self-centred and uncaring he can be.”

She added: "Here we have a situation where vehicles set to be dumped on a scrap heap could be donated to help in Ukraine’s defence against Russia’s invasion.

"Sadiq Khan said no, and now that he has been caught out, he is hiding behind the flimsiest of legal excuses.

"Thousands of cars have now been unnecessarily destroyed because of his failure."

She added: “Now he is blaming government regulations over the certificate of destruction, a document you are required to provide TfL to prove your vehicle has been destroyed in exchange for the scrappage scheme money.

"Once again, it is a dodgy legal argument that simply doesn’t stack up. And to the extent that it is an issue, it could have been quickly solved months ago if Sadiq Khan had bothered to raise it with officials.

“The truth is Sadiq Khan was so obsessed with making as much money off his unfair Ulez expansion as possible, he did not bother to see the bigger picture.

"When he was caught, he resorted to his usual tactic of blaming the government for his own failures. He is lacking not just in empathy, but imagination.

“And it is more than just this missed opportunity. London is being let down by a Mayor who seems more interested in becoming a celebrity than in helping others.

"We see it every single day, from his weak leadership on crime to his failures on housebuilding.”

Responding to Hall's article, a spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: "As experts such as former Defence Secretary Ben Wallace have made clear, we need action from ministers for plans to progress.


"Sadiq is calling on the Government to temporarily alter the national regulations for the Certificate of Destruction, which is required as proof that a vehicle has been permanently scrapped, to enable the export of suitable vehicles to the Ukraine via a registered charity or national scheme.

"Officials are now working with ministers to overcome these legal hurdles and enable Londoners to receive money for taking suitable polluting vehicles off London's streets while helping the people of Ukraine."

from GB News https://ift.tt/U8yKeo4

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