Reform UK to pose major unexpected threat at general election as pollster flags key strength 'to watch'

Reform UK could pose a bigger threat than initially expected at this year's upcoming election, pollster Sir John Curtice has warned.

He said it would be a "mistake" to see the party as only appealing to those concerned about migration, warning that they are likely to be a challenge to both the Conservative and Labour parties.

Curtice said: "I think it's a mistake to think of Reform as just picking up people who are concerned about immigration.

"Reform is also picking up the people who aren't happy about the health service, who are unhappy about the economy, who are also thinking that Brexit has not been implemented properly.


“It's acting as a vehicle for protests for 2019 Tory voters who couldn't contemplate voting even for a Keir Starmer Labour Party, let alone Jeremy Corbyn.

"So they are potentially competition to both Labour and the Tories, picking up Tory votes that might perhaps otherwise go to Labour, but that's something to watch.

"They're now at a record high and they are virtually all Leave voters.

"It's a very, very distinct constituency."

Reform has confirmed that it will stand a candidate to challenge the Conservative Party in every single seat.

But speakinng to the Daily Express about Reform's appeal to voters, Curtice claimed that immigration is "irrelevant".

He said: "I’ve actually been through all the polls so far this month. As many 2019 Tory voters are now defecting to Reform as they are defecting to Labour, perhaps partly to do with immigration.

"Hitherto I've been able to say immigration is irrelevant, the Government's just pushing that button, and that this is not related to whether or not they're losing support.

"There are some signs that maybe that's no longer true, and that's to the Government’s disadvantage because so many people think immigration has gone up.


"If what they've managed to do is to raise the profile of immigration in voters’ minds, it is to the Government's disadvantage.

"I’m not sure about that, I'd want to see more evidence but there is some evidence that suggests maybe Reform are picking some of these folks up."

Just last week, Rishi Sunak confirmed that he will call an election in 2024.

from GB News

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