Newsom mocks DeSantis as he claims 'he'd rather have Biden until 100' than suffer Florida governor 'at any age'

California Gov Gavin Newsom mocked Florida's governor - who is running in the 2024 Republican primary election - as he claimed he would "take Joe Biden at 100" over Ron DeSantis "at any age."

Newsom shared his support for president Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris' reelection campaign on Thursday night.

During the governors' debate, the Democrat hit back at DeSantis, 45, who said that 81-year-old Biden was "in decline" and therefore a "danger" to the country.

Newsom said: "I would take Joe Biden at 100 versus Ron DeSantis any day of the week at any age."

Ron DeSantis

At the beginning of the debate, Newsom took aim at DeSantis by announcing that neither participant onstage that evening would be their party's presidential nominee.

He said: "There are profound differences tonight and I look forward to engaging.

"But there's one thing, in closing, that we have in common is neither of us will be the nominee for our party in 2024."

The California governor also slammed DeSantis when he made an error while pronouncing Harris' first name.

"Shame on you, it's Ka-mala Harris, Ron, it's Ka-mala Harris. Madame vice president to you," Newsom said.

DeSantis snapped back as he pressed on whether he held ambitions for higher office.

"You will not admit it. Admit that you're running," DeSantis told Newsom, adding that Newsom knows Biden is in decline which is "why he's running a shadow campaign."

Newsom responded: "I don't know how many times I can say it."

"Just making this stuff up about a shadow campaign. It's not even optional."

"He's doing fantastically," he said of Biden.

"I appreciate and respect the work the president's doing and the vice president, the Biden-Harris campaign and team, so absolutely unequivocally look forward to continuing to support their effort. President Biden will be reelected and President Trump will be rejected."

from GB News

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