European Union blasted for 'undermining sense of nationhood' as migration spirals

The EU has been criticised for "undermining" a sense of "nationhood" within its member nations.

Former MEP Ben Habib said that spiralling migration in the EU could lead to the end of the union, as a result of countries reimposing border checks.

As many as 11 EU countries have rebelled against EU policies on border checks in the face of growing concerns about illegal migration.

Former MEP Ben Habib said the new checks might signal the end of EU freedom of movement, adding: "the realisation that it is deeply damaging will also spell the end of the EU".

Von der Leyen

Countries including France, Slovakia, Sweden and Germany have re-instated border restrictions including identity vetting, passport checks, police interviews, static checkpoints and vehicle inspections.

Such restrictions on movement were abandoned many years ago as part of the Schengen Treaty.

Speaking to GB News about the new border controls, former MEP Ben Habib said: "The removal of borders in Europe with the creation of the Schengen zone was daft.

"The EU sought to remove countries’ borders to undermine the sense of nationhood across Europe and enhance its own relative importance and control.

"What it created was, amongst other things, a massive security risk.

"Western nations and their borders exist generally as a result of a social construct which took hundreds of years to settle. Their removal exposed these countries.

Recently, the Schengen zone has reminded us how important it is to have borders.

"330,000 illegal migrants entered the EU last year. Once in Europe, because of the Schengen zone, they could travel wherever they liked.

"It is because of the Schengen zone that it is so difficult to monitor movement and people smugglers."

He added: "Thank goodness a handful of countries, including France, have reinstated border checks. There is now hope illegal migration might be checked.

"There is now also hope that the idiocy of ever closer union under the jackboot of Brussels will be seen for the threat it poses to European nations and our security.

"Freedom of movement is a fundamental pillar of the EU. With any luck, the realisation that it is deeply damaging will also spell the end of the EU."

Earlier this year, Italy escalated its internal border checks with neighbouring Slovenia as part of an attempt to reduce the "increased threat of violence within the EU", which the country believes has escalated since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas war.

Italy said the changes were necessary as a result of the growing risk of terrorists arriving due to "constant migratory pressure from land and sea".

In the wake of Italy's border checks, Slovenia did the same with its borders with Hungary and Croatia, claiming it faces the same issues as Italy.


Slovenia also claimed to be facing "threats to public order and internal security".

Meanwhile, Sweden has warned it is conducting checks at all its border points to combat terrorism.

Andrej Plenkovic, the prime minister of Croatia, backed the move by other European countries.

He said: "The EU is surrounded by a series of very big crises... bigger than any time in the past 30 years. bb

"We have Putin's aggression against Ukraine, Hamas's attack on Israel, all this in the context of intensified flows of illegal migration."

from GB News

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