'Concern for Biden' Democratic Muslims turn away from US President at refusal to call for ceasefire

Joe Biden’s stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict could see him alienating a hefty portion of his core vote, a political commentator has claimed.

The US President has stopped short of calling for a ceasefire, something that has outraged many on the left.

One particular voting base that is likely to be disappointed with Biden’s stance is Democrat Muslims, Lauren Wright from Princeton University has claimed.

Wright added that Biden may opt to hold the line as the number of Jewish voters greatly outweighs Muslim voters.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Lauren Wright

“Biden has been pushed very consistently by the far-left, progressive wing of the Democrats to call for a ceasefire”, she said.

“He has been critical of Israel, increasingly so lately, but he has not caved to these policy demands.


“That is the crux of the issue for these Muslim voters.”

She told Jacob Rees-Mogg that the voting block is a “consistent” supporter of the Democrat party, and also have a high turnout rate.

“There are about 1.5 million registered Muslim American voters”, she said.

“Their turnout rate is very high, about 70 per cent in 2020. They are pretty consistent supporters of the Democrat Party.


“However, it depends what you’re comparing it to. Jewish American voters, who Biden also really needs to keep on his side, are about six times the size of the Muslim voting block.

“He has this very delicate coalition of groups who have completely opposing views on the Israel-Hamas war, and he needs to please both of them.”

Despite the tricky situation Biden is faced with, Wright does not believe Muslim voters will turn to a Republican Party that is likely to be fronted by Donald Trump as its presidential candidate at the 2024 election.

She told GB News: “They have said very clearly that they are not willing to abandon ship and support Donald Trump.

“Really, it’s a toothless threat. It’s a policy demand, it’s understandable. Any group who wants to hear their demands made will say ‘we’re going to stay home next year’, but they have not said they will switch parties.

“That is different from Jewish American voters who have been trending more conservative in recent years.

“Republicans happen to be much closer to the Jewish viewpoint on the war. To just put an exclamation point on that, the Israel-Hamas war is a top issue for Jewish voters.

“97 per cent of them say in surveys that they are playing very close attention.”

from GB News https://ift.tt/o8Bq7tA

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